Cherry Blossom Journey School
            Preschool - Pre-K
                                         Where the Journey Begins


               3191 Mendon Road

     Cumberland,Rhode Island

    Monday-Friday School Year













                    Hours: 7:45-5:00




      Christine Barrett Director 401-658-2829










At Cherry Blossom Journey School we pride ourselves with the well being of each child. It is with that belief, we have chosen to combine the best aspects of different learning approaches.We consider it our responsibility to provide our three to six  year olds with an environment that will allow each child the opportunity to make choices that will embrace their talents as natural scientists,anthropologists and explorers.

 We recognize that children are unique gifts full of wonder and energy. They absorb things like sponges and seem to always be in perpetual motion both mentally and physically. As teachers we will provide these growing minds and bodies with opportunities to safely explore appropriate materials and equipment.

Our educators are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and talents.

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